Dream Journals #8 (Finally)

Image is not mine. I found it on Pinterest and felt like the colors matched the colors that were in my dream.

Out of This World:

I was visited by a woman who told me she came from another planet. I can’t remember the name of her planet. In this dream I was working with a lot of technology and she said that she felt bad that the technology I was using wasn’t very advanced so she gave me one of her devices that was super fast!
Well, it turns out she was also here to recruit Earth humans for her planet. There was this new Intergalactic program and her planet wanted to add to their diversity by welcoming beings from Earth.
In this dream I had a friend who was very unhappy with her life. I suggested the idea to her and to my surprise, she actually considered it! She thought it would be a great fresh start for her so she and I went to visit to scope it out.

This planet was AMAZING! It was all so colorful and bright, but brightness you wouldn’t expect to find in nature. People had purple, blue and even literal yellow and orange skin combined with interesting natural purple or blue hair. The beings on that planet grew like humans but they had way more diversity to their gene pool.

The town mayor and her assitant were touring us around. I was bombaring them with questions. We walked by a lake with water that was so dark, you couldn’t see the bottom “can you go swimming in there?” I asked “no, it’s too boring. only Rays live there.” I looked and didn’t see a single ray but I kept following them. Next, we were walking by homes that were along a canal. The homes were all sorts of shapes, but instead of the sharp shapes we are more used to, all the shapes were rounded and in softer colors. Behind one of the homes, I saw a giant sea monster pop out its head. Before I could say anything, three more giant sea monster’s heads popped out! No one in the town seemed amused by them so I asked “are they citizens, pets or wild?” “Hmm?” said the mayor, she turned to look at what I was looking at, “Oh, they’re a family. They live in that large pool. The homes are their neighbors.” I was then intrigued by the water. The water there was a bright blue; it almost looked like jelly. I wanted to know more about what kind of creatures were there. I leaned in and asked about that. The mayor then smiled and said “why don’t you find out!” and she pushed me in!! I screamed and was caught by a dolphin/swordfish creature wearing a suite who was on his way to work “Excuse me!” he said before swimming off.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was an entire network of the underwater creatures! There were freeways and it was some type of underwater city exclusively for the underwater beings. I was then pulled out to continue the tour. They were leading us to where my friend would possibly live if she decided to move to that planet. She was so happy and made her decision to move there!

Next, I asked the mayor how they know English so well. She said she didn’t. Before I could get an explanation, I woke up.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will discontinue my dream journals. I still get incredible dreams, but I just haven’t been able to keep up.

Thank you for keeping up and never stop chasing after your dreams! Hit that snooze button every now and then. 😉


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