Dream Journal Entries- COVID Edition

It happened. It finally happened: I got COVID. I was slightly disappointed because I low-key was hoping that I was immune to it. Turns out I’m not. *womp womp*

However, this has resulted in a lot of very peculiar dreams.

Also, I’m trying the A.I. art maker. It’s pretty cool and there’s a couple of different ones you can find online. You just type your prompt and it attempts to create what you type in. They have this dream-like effect (besides it not being super clear and accurate). These art pieces don’t make a lot of sense but I just wanted to give it a try.

Ryan Chicken:

This one was very random. I was at a very busy food court browsing each stand. Suddenly I walk over to a place with vegan options, but while I make my way over, I passed by a fried chicken stand. Inside was Ryan Gosling. He was yelling out “Try our Fried Chicken!” He then saw me walk by and called me over “Hey you! Try the best fried chicken in the country!” I told him “Sorry, I don’t eat chicken or any meat. I am vegan.” and Ryan got very embarrassed for offering me chicken. It was okay, I wasn’t offended.

Typed in “Ryan Gosling selling fried chicken” lol

Engagement Mistake:

So this is yet another dream of me being either engaged or married and being completely miserable (I’m always miserable when I dream about this). I was engaged and planning my wedding. The whole time I was in this robot mode. My attitude towards the wedding was more of a professional “getter-donner”. I was on autopilot, going with the motions and I was back in California. My family was coming from everywhere. At one point, my brother and aunt are sitting down near me, then I sit down and look at my phone. I realized I had quite a few unexpected text messages from someone, but before I could read them, a friend called me asking me for advice. I gave her advice and for some reason this snaps me out of my autopilot mode. I realized that this wedding was a mistake! I didn’t even know the guy very well and what if we had nothing in common!? I couldn’t marry someone I did not love! It was 18 hours until the wedding and I had to quickly call the groom and I couldn’t find his number. I finally found it and called him. He was leaving work and hardly spoke any English. He sounded very nice, but right off the bat, we had no chemistry. “I’m very sorry to tell you this now, and I am very sorry for not doing this sooner and avoiding all the chaos and discomfort that this will bring. I don’t know you. I don’t know anything about you and I cannot marry someone I don’t love. For this reason, I must call off the wedding.” He was very understanding but sounded disappointed. After the call, I was worried about the reputation this would bring upon me, but I kept true to my reasons. I was very emotional in this dream for what almost happened for being on “autopilot”. I was happy when I woke up and found out it was all a dream.

Typed in “runaway bride” like the movie!

Super Speed:

This one is perhaps the coolest ones. I had the power of super speed and super jumping! My two friends came to visit and I was getting them settled in. They told me that in their layover in Colorado, they were almost taken! thankfully they managed to escape and made it! I told them that if someone had gotten them, I would’ve ran over and found them. The mystery was in who were the ones trying to take them.
Later in the dream, I told my friends “I’ll be back, I’m going on my daily run.” and my run consisted of running from here to NYC and jumping from building to building then I watched the sunset from one of the buildings before running back home.

Typed in “super speed runner” but I think it only got the “speed” part and threw in a random heart and frogs lol

I had COVID back in August and never really got around to publishing this. I thought it was the end of my crazy dreams but have had a couple of interesting ones since then.

More crazy dreams to come!


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