Dream Journals #7

I have been dreaming significantly less since I moved to NY. After being here a year, I think they are starting to come back to me. My dreams are back! Let’s resume with a few recent ones, then I’ll update for the next 6 months of dreams.

The Building with Multiple Universes

I was in a regular looking building where each floor was in a different dimension. You could enter it normally and automatically be in floor 7 (for example) without using the stairs or elevators. The building itself didn’t have accessible elevators because they were broken.

There was a loud noise and I somehow fell through the broken elevators and ended up in another dimension/floor! It was me and a few other people and the dimension I fell into looked like a hospital. We tried to get back but there was no way for us to get back to our floor. So I went outside and I just went with my family… but it was all different.

First of all, my mom and dad had yet another baby! It was a baby boy and I was shocked to have a baby brother. My aunt was holding him in the kitchen because it was some sort of family reunion. I then look at my aunt and my heart dropped (you see, she passed away January of this year). She was smiling at me holding my “baby brother” and showing him to me. I fought back the emotion because in this dimension, she was still alive. My family asked me what was wrong and I couldn’t bring myself to explain. I just told them I had to get “back to work” and that I would see them later.

I make it back to the “hospital” and one of the doctors is also a scientist who knew how to get us back. He said we needed a specific frequency of sound and that the next thing would be the screams of a woman giving birth. So suddenly he brings a woman who is in labor and there’s all these nurses along with her and with the doctor. He told us to stand by the broken elevator door. The doctor gave the countdown and the woman in labor screamed. “Now!” Me and the displaced group jumped into the broken elevator and it worked!… or I’m assuming it worked since I woke up and I am where I’m supposed to be.

Roasted Chicken

So in real life, my downstairs neighbor has chickens and ducks. There’s always a chicken that escapes the pen and roams around. This is what I dreamed:

The temperature outside was climbing excessively. It was getting hotter and hotter and we were all to hide in a dark room to keep us from burning up. My neighbor had no choice but to bring all her chickens and ducks inside.. except one… the one that was roaming around.

It was the next morning and we had a regular day. I wondered if the roaming chicken ever made it inside safely… but I quickly got my answer when I looked outside. In the middle of the field, I saw a thoroughly cooked roasted chicken.

“Awww man,” I said, “he didn’t make it.” :/

Patient Vs. Nurse

I was with a nurse and I was trying to convince her that I was healthy. She was very patient and kind but I could feel her not being convinced. I took out the app I use to track my nutrition and was showing her. She just nodded patiently but that wasn’t enough, I needed her to really believe me. It was like I was imploring for her to believe me, but all she did was nod patiently and waited until I finished.

Then suddenly, I was the nurse. I was listening to this patient as she tried to convince me that she was healthy. She wouldn’t really let me talk, so I waited for her to stop so I can try to explain in the best possible form, why she isn’t healthy. Physically, she looked very week and had dark circles around her eyes. She was desperate for me to believe her and all I could do is be kind and wait and figure out a way to talk to her in a way that she could listen and understand.

I don’t know how the dream ended, but I believe that I was both patient and nurse. It was a subconscious conversation between my healthy, stable side and my unhealthy, insecure side.

Until next dream set!


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