Dream Journal #6 (2021)

Big Black Bug:

This dream was really sad. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The doctors told me they would keep me on watch and work with me because some people have been able to live a long time even with the illness. I carried on and was with my friends. Something happened that landed me in the hospital. The doctor’s told me that I only had a few weeks or even days left to live. In the dream, I went to my room by myself and cried and prayed and told Jehovah that I would just be grateful to die before ever failing him. I felt calm and accepted this. Now, there is no ideal illness, but in this dream, I would die in my sleep.
I decided to make the most of my time and enjoy my family and friends and start to plan things out. Well, I showed up at my friend’s house and their parents were worried for them because all they did was cry. They were in their rooms crying and had left out all this food we had ever cooked together and decoration and pictures and memories… They were so sad when they saw me walk in and I told them “no! Put all of this away! I don’t want you to be sad looking at all of this, I want you to be happy when you look at this” so I started to hide everything from them and told them “Don’t look at these until you feel happy to look at them again”.
I began to live in this ward where I was under constant watch from nurses. It was really a comfortable place where people would stay for the remainder of their time when they knew they were going to die. I was all lone and getting ready for bed and I just knew that was it. I grabbed a sticky note and a pen because I wanted to write a final goodbye note to my parents. Before I could finish writing, I looked at the carpet and there was a GIANT big black bug. It had 6 legs and looked a lot like a black widow but it was the size of my hand. The legs were long and pointy. The bug was super black and shiny and it move around gracefully. It stopped walking at I watched it. I wanted to kill it, but then I realized this was no ordinary bug. There was nothing I could do, it moved quick and it would get to me before I could even call for help.
I realized this bug was the representation of my illness that was going to put me to rest. When that bug came, that was it. I accepted this and laid on the bed and got comfortable. The last memory of the dream, the bug climbed onto the bed and came to me.

I edited this to make it look like the black bug I saw

The journey:

This dream wasn’t about me at all. It was about this girl from Canada. She was around 24 years old and struggled with severe depression after making bad life choices as a teen by using drugs and drinking. She felt like a burden on her family and wanted to accomplish something.

In this dream, I was a figment of her imagination.

She was outside alone talking to me. “My friends have all done something cool and they’ve moved on with their lives. I can’t even hold down a job long enough. I want to do something grand!” so I asked her what she was thinking about. “Let’s go on a road trip!”
I start helping her map out the road trip. She was going to do a cross country trip around the United States! (Which is a trip I’d personally love to do someday). She would take her time as she’d ride along. No time limit, just enjoy the whole trip and take it all in.

She heads out and a few hours in, her car starts to have some issues. She checks into a hotel and hours later her ENTIRE family comes. They all came because they wanted to make sure she was okay. I tell her she’s very loved and she smiles and agrees.

After spending time with her family and her car is fixed, she’s getting ready to get back on the road. Her family tells her that she should just go home and maybe wait to do this another time.
She tells them “No, I wand to accomplish this. I really want this adventure and I want to be sure I’m able to heal on my own”. She gave a convincing speech with this spark in her eyes that was new to me. This spark was a good thing! Her family agreed and supported her and she said her goodbye.
She was going back on the road and well, I was going along since I was part of her imagination… but before she made it onto the road, I woke up.

I am kind of upset I didn’t get to go on this trip with her. I hope she had a great time.

Map to represent that dream

The Fart Weapon:

A group of teenage boys was trying to take my little sister away. We were surrounded and I shielded her. I then put my back towards them and told them to go away or else I’d fart at them. It worked! They ran away and left her alone.

The Sailor and the Actress:

This dream was set in the 40s. A Sailor and his crew arrive at Paris. He wasn’t a very good Sailor because he was too emotional. An aspiring actress grew up in Paris. She was raised by her cruel mother. They both meet in front of the Louvre and fall madly in love. Next, there’s this sort of montage of them walking around the city together holding hands. The sailor returns to his crew, but then he’s fired. Soon after, he becomes a pirate and asks the girl to run away with him. He was building his own ship and asked her to meet him. The girl was hesitant since she had this huge audition coming up that same day! Once the ship was built, he waited for her… and waited. Meanwhile, the girl’s audition is a total disaster, so then she realizes how much she really wants to be with him. She looks at the time and decides to make a run for it because she might still be able to make it.
The sailor-turned-pirate looks at the time and believes she isn’t coming. Heart-broken, he boards his little ship, and starts to sail off. The girl approaches the destination. Just then, the pirates poorly built ship begins to sink. When the girl arrives, she sees the end of the boat submerged. She is devastated. He drowned along with his broken heart because he never knew she was coming after all.
It was a tragic ending.

This is not too far off from what I saw in my dream! (before he became a pirate)

The Alien Prince:

So ever since I moved to New York, I haven’t been having very many vivid dreams memorable enough for this post until last night. RIGHT ON TIME FOR THE END OF THE YEAR!

I was in the car with a group of friends when the tire popped. Some guy was randomly with us in the car and he started to change the tire so I got out and helped him. He then proposed to me to marry him. For some reason, I said yes, but I don’t even see his face! I just looked at the ring. I remember thinking “I don’t want to post this on Instagram because this is too weird”. Then I realized that I really didn’t want to marry him because I had no idea who he was and quickly regretted saying yes. I started to ask my friends about him and they were all just as confused because he just appeared out of nowhere and we were all realizing how obnoxious he was.
I felt guilty for saying yes so I wrote him a letter explaining that maybe we should call off the engagement and take it slower and be friends first because I really had no idea who he was. He never sees the letter.

Suddenly, I’m in this strange area with all of my friends and we can see the sky. Aliens started to appear looking for my “fiancé”. Turns out he was a prince from another planet and it was attacked by these other aliens so he fled and arrived to our earth to hide from them. These bad aliens said “face us now or all of your friends here will die!” and although none of us truly knew him well and had no idea where he came from, he was very passionate about us being his friends and says “I will not allow it! Leave them alone! I will come face you!”. He jumped onto his scooter that apparently also flew and as he took off into space, he rode past me and said “sorry, I don’t think this will work out between us after all” then as he rode away he says, “I got that ring at the 99 Cent Store”. I was just relived that I wasn’t engaged for real because I didn’t even like the guy.


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