Dream Journals #5

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I was in a concentration camp that was made only for Witnesses. This camp was divided into four phases. I was in one of the early phases. No one returned from phase four.
My job was to clean and vacuum the offices that belonged to the high guards. I remember one of them feeling pity and a degree of mercy for us and would secretly do nice things for us but would be careful to not get caught.
As I was vacuuming an office, I heard tension grow outside amongst all the guards. They were becoming more and more aggressive. I was then escorted out as were all the brothers and sisters in the camp. “Every Witness is to be sent to phase four immediately!” Is what we heard. The camp was large, and there were hundreds, if not thousands of us, being directed to the phase four section of the camp. We passed through some gates and inside this area was a row of these chambers. They could only hold one person at a time (you can only imagine at this point what these chambers were for).
Each of the the top frames of the chambers, were mockingly labeled “Door to Paradise” that the officials came up with to make fun of our beliefs.
We were all lined up and began to sing our hearts out. We sang along to kingdom melodies and all smiled at each other and to cheer as we did. Once one song ended, another one would quickly begin. It began to feel a lot like the international conventions when we would all begin to sing during random times and sing loudly with all our might! I don’t remember hearing any of the guards at this point, all I heard was a crowd of us singing because to us, the guards were right, we were entering paradise!
Suddenly, all the guards disappeared and we were all freed.
I woke up trembling.


In this dream, you could alter your memory with photographs and really good photoshop skills. Basically, if you have never been to a place, you could gain access to a picture of that place and photoshop yourself into that place then it will automatically alter your memory and it would be as though you really went! Because of this, pictures and photographs were very very valuable and must be protected. If the picture got in the hands of the wrong person and they added themselves onto your picture, it could alter or even ruin your memory of that time. At the same time, you could add yourself to a picture of your friends and it would be as though you were there with them and it would also change that person’s memory of that moment.
Because of this, we were looking at paintings and pictures of paradise. My friend, Tiff, asked “Would it be okay if I added myself onto a picture of paradise?” To which the brother told her he would need to check with the branch and get back to her. The reason was that because paradise hasn’t happened yet, we don’t want to run into any possible repercussions so it’s probably best not to.

Tear Strength:

I was walking along this empty path. Suddenly, I was alone in the world. I was determined to keep walking and to keep going. Well, these voices came out of nowhere attacking me with “Andrea, you’re weak” or “Andrea, you can’t do it… Andrea, just give up” and they’d come and push me to the ground. I couldn’t get back up until I realized that finally allowing myself to cry gave me more strength. I’d cry a little then get back up, only to be knocked down again by another voice. Eventually I realized that I needed to let myself release it all and cry my eyes hard if I wanted to stand up. I cried and cried as I regained the strength to stand all the way up and the voices became weaker. I can’t remember the rest.

Half Whale:

Perhaps my favorite dream yet!
I somehow landed on a rooftop and began to roll down a bit but caught myself. I had a camera with me and took pictures of the alleys below me. Turns out, I was in a cute village in Turkey! I was looking and the bazaars below me and taking pictures from above.
I fell off the roof and ended up in this “Become a Beluga whale!” studio. I was trapped inside a pod, and came out too soon in panic. Turns out, half of me was turned into a Beluga whale! My head and shoulders were a human-sized Beluga head, and my arms were flippers. I still had my torso and legs, but my behind had a beluga tail sticking out from my clothes. I thought I looked really cool and then proceeded with my exploration of Turkey.
People in Turkey began to take pictures of me because I looked amusing to them. I remember being near the beach and watching the waves.
I kept walking around, exploring this Turkish city when I found the tourism area. At this point, some people were beginning to follow me around because they really liked that I was half Beluga and wanted to see what I would do next. One of the places was advertising “Whale Watching tours!” so I had this brilliant idea!
I would stand in front of the windows where I could see and stare at all the whale watching tourists working so that I could whale watch them. As I did this, I began to laugh myself awake because this idea was(still is) genuinely hilarious to me.

How do you llama?

During the time I dreamt this, I had been preparing for an international zoom gathering.
In this dream, I was walking into an airport and wanted to check in. Well, the airline agent told me I wasn’t allowed then directed me to security. Security then escorted me out. “Why!?” I exclaimed, “I’m so sorry” they explained, “you see, no llamas are allowed in the airport.” This was a very silly and confusing reason. What did that rule have anything to do with me?… That is… until I caught sight of my reflection in the window. “I…. I’m a llama!?” I was a brown and white llama with an embroidered pink and purple saddle. Well, panic set in and out of all the worries in the world, the biggest worry crept in… “I can’t be a llama!…” I freaked as I remembered the upcoming zoom gathering “… Llamas can’t host zoom!”.

Going Bananas:

I was walking out of my home and there was a banana on the driveway. I told myself not to step on it to avoid slipping on it. I then wondered if I were the size of the banana laying on the driveway, and the banana were my size and the one walking out, and we switched places, would the banana slip on me?

Thank you all for reading my crazy dreams. With this crazy chaotic year, at least my dreams were still interesting. Take care stay safe and stay tuned for the crazy and wild dreams that 2021 may bring!


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