Dream Journal Entries #4


Peace and Security: In this dream, my friends and I were at a concert. It was this HUGE venue.
Suddenly, I realize the venue is full of people from all over the world. Everyone is speaking all these languages. It looked pretty cool, but the mood of the whole place was changing fast. Everyone started to cheer loudly, but also there was a tense-like atmosphere.
On the stage, world leaders began to appear! They were all shaking each others hands and hugging each other. The crowd went wild.
My friends and I decided to leave and go home. We start trying to make our way out, when the leaders start to announce, “We would like to announce the official declaration of world wide peace and security for all nations!”
We froze. The crowd cheered even louder and more aggressively this time. In all languages! Their cheers were haunting in a way.
My friends and I decide to run home right away because we knew what was coming next.

Dinner at the White House: This one was very bizarre but quite humorous (also, I don’t know why I have been dreaming about political leaders lately).
My congregation and others throughout the country were invited to a very special, very fancy pioneer dinner that was going to be held at The White house. Melania Trump was hosting it.
After eating, many of us were just lounging about when president Trump shows up.
He kind of ignored us as he walked around, until… either of us started to take selfies or pictures. Trump would photobomb all of them because he just haaad to be in every picture.
He would smile huge because he was expecting us to post them so that it made him seem like a good person.
Trump then gets this idea and runs out. He comes back riding in his horse (again, hoping we’d all take pictures of him on his horse). His horse, however, looked demented and strange. Everywhere the cameras pointed, Trump would move in front of it to come out in the pictures.


Phantom of the Opera. This dream was basically a spoof of the Phantom of the Opera movie. I was Christine, except it was still my personality. It was the scene after I/Christine performs for the first time on stage and goes to her room and the Phantom sings to her where she ends up going down to his underground lair. So in the dream, I’m amazed by the whole thing “Wow! this is cool!” and Christine’s friend, Meg is worried as usual, and I tell her “Don’t worry girl, I’ll be fine. I’ll talk to you later okay?” so the phantom comes and tries to hold my hand and walk me down the steps to his lair, but I tell him no, I can walk myself because I didn’t want him to touch me. So I skip down the steps excitedly.

I get to his lair and there’s water and Ralph comes trying to rescue me but he’s pretending to be a duck. I talked to this “duck” and he’s said “shh… I’m going to save you, I’m undercover”. I started to giggle because he was a duck. The Phantom and I start to sing that song where he says “sing for me!!” and Christine has to do that high scale opera singing. Well, I would gradually go higher and higher but my voice was quite terrible. The phantom then goes “Excellent!” but in my mind I knew that if he asked once again, he would be disappointed because my voice was going to break.

Finally, we get to where he shows me the mannequin version of Christine/me and she’s wearing a wedding dress. So I look at it and then tell him “look, it’s important to me that I at least get to know you a little better. Also, I don’t like this dress. It’s hideous”.

The dream then changed to another dream that I can’t remember well so, the end.


The war veteran: So this dream felt like a movie because I wasn’t part of it at all. It was a dream I had about a thin, tall man with a curly red afro and glasses. He gets drafted for a war, where his father is currently serving. His father’s service is about to end when the young man gets drafted and he was really hoping to see his father come home before he had to go. Unfortunately, his father doesn’t arrive before his son has to go to war.

Next, the son is in military inform riding the back of a war truck with two other soldiers. They are all holding their weapons and wearing their helmets. Suddenly, the truck passed by a bush where the enemies were hiding and the enemies began to shoot at the truck! All the soldiers get shot, but nothing serious, they were just all injured. The guy (the main one) gets sent home because he’s injured.

Upon his return, he sees his father! His father was drunk and he admitted to his son that he’s been home all along but didn’t want to see him in case that made his son change his mind. Basically, his father was a jerk. The son gets so upset! He yells at him and tells him “How dare you hide! I could’ve died out there, and seeing you before I left would have been the last time we could’ve seen each other!”

Next, the dream changes to some years later. The son goes on to become an airplane engineer, but he never even learns how to drive a car. He just never could learn how to do that, so his father drives him to and from work, but their relationship is different. The son is still hurt. The end.

Disney Play: I was somewhere in Disneyland and they were casting for the Aladdin play. I knew it would be competitive but I decided to give it a try. I auditioned for the part of Jasmine and, I GOT THE PART! I was introduced to the set, deign, and makeup lady. Everyone was so welcoming and even the guy who was playing Aladdin was shocked that he got the role for Aladdin. Ellen Degenerous was the director.

So there I was excited to be part of a Disney theater production as a Disney princess and I was preparing. I was supposed to go to the hair and makeup woman, and she charged me about $215 (I paid not knowing why), but I figured it made sense. What I knew at that time, I had to be ready by 4:30. The makeup and hair woman then takes her sweet, sweet time eating her dinner! I was unaware of the time, but this woman also intimidated me so I didn’t say much. She would be very “nice” to me telling me things like “oh darrrrling! You will look so splendid when I’m finished with you”.

Suddenly, an messenger comes in and gives me a note from the director “You need to be here at 4:30!!” and I looked at the clock, it was 4:45 and the woman still hadn’t even began to work on my hair and makeup! I tell her “I need to go now!” and the woman get’s up and in a very fake tone goes “Oh, I’m so sorry! I completely lost trak of time, here let me just do some touching up real quick!” she kind of curled my already curly hair (which made no sense because I needed to have a wig. Princess Jasmine has long hair). So then I throw on a dress (that looks nothing like Princess Jasmine’s real outfit) run out, and the dance rehearsal place changed! It was there that I ran into the guy playing Aladdin and he too was confused and late.

“Where is the building? How did it just disappear?” he asked. We were both confused and walked all over to find the dance studio that apparently moved because we were already late. We finally find it! But the door was locked. I look through the window and They had already begun the rehearsals WITHOUT US! I notice that sitting in the background is the hair and makeup woman! How did she get there so quickly before us? She is speaking to the director and I somehow start to read her lips! (which is totally a dream because in real life I’m really bad at reading lips). She was telling the director lies about me!

The makeup woman told the director, “She was so unprofessional and she didn’t care about being on time. I finished with her early and she just ran off with the guy playing Aladdin”. I was so upset and so was the guy playing Aladdin because it seems he had been set up too! I then watched as the Director goes up to some of the backup dancers and says “okay, you are the new Jasmine and you are the new Aladdin, no go practice your lines!” NooO! We are finally able to get the door opened and the director looks at us angrily (the director isn’t Ellen anymore, it was some other person). We are then told that we are out. I start telling him that the hair and makeup people set both of us up! But the director wouldn’t listen. The makeup woman put on this fake pouty face saying “Why would you accuse me of such a horrible thing?” I was so upset with her at that point. As soon as the director turned around, the woman gave me an evil smile.

We were both escorted out defeated and sad. I then decided that was not the last of it! We would break in, tie up the Aladdin and Jasmine characters and well as the makeup crew and perform it as usual! Then at least we’d be able to perform our roles.

I woke up after we broke into the theater, so I don’t know if we followed through. Also, the whole time I was with that guy who was supposed to play Aladdin, I never looked at his face so that character in this dream is basically faceless. The evil makeup woman looked like Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove, and she owes me $215 dream cash.


Widow. In this dream I was married to this man who had many issues. I was in another country, but I don’t know which country. All I remember I was so miserable and kept thinking “I can’t believe this is it and that I’m married. This is the end of all the good days. I wish I were still single”.

Next up, my “husband” dies! These nurses showed up to do a routine check up on his mental health, and they accidentally killed him. So then I was miserable because I was a widow and I felt guilty that at one point I wanted to be single again. I remember being at his funeral and everyone was mourning. I then realized that my car needed some gasoline so I went to a grocery store to buy some, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked all over the grocery store, but couldn’t find the gasoline anywhere.

Baby. I was at a one of the beaches. Then I see a lot of French people. It was a massive crowd and they had come to California to support the protests that have been going on. Next, I see another giant crowd approach and merge with the french crowd. Out of nowhere, these massive bombs went off which sent everyone in uproar “how dare the authorities bomb their own people!” I ran out, because what they didn’t know was that it wasn’t the government, but espionage. The crowds had accidentally met up in a hidden spy war zone.

As I ran away, I noticed a random baby boy left alone. I felt bad for it so I picked it up and took it to the bathroom and began change its diaper. I heard footsteps coming and overheard a conversation along with them. It was a man and a woman. “Where did the child go?” they said “I don’t know, but we were able to kill his parents!” I realized the boy I had was the one they were talking about. The woman entered the bathroom and saw me changing the baby’s diaper. She gave me this fake smile and asked me “aww, is that baby yours?” I needed to protect this kid, “Yes, this is my son”.

So the boy’s parents who had been killed were elite spies. They were geniuses which means this little baby ended up growing up to be a genius as well. I ended up raising the child. His intelligence was quickly noted by the school and he ended up being accepted into “Spy school”. He was about to turn 18 and finish the job that his parents were meant to finish. The End.

Spies are a reoccurring theme in my dream haha. Let’s see what else I dream about at the end of this year since “Quarentine Dreams” are a thing.


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