Ecuador Chronicles II: The Layover

The flight we booked to Ecuador had a 12 hour layover in Bogota, Colombia. If you’re anything like us, long layovers are cherished! The amazing thing about this layover is that the Colombian branch was only about an hour and a half away. We agreed to make the best of those 12 hours and visit that Bethel. The next question was “how?”

We felt that we needed to contact local brothers and sisters in the area and possibly go with them to Bethel, but how? Well, the GREATEST thing happened a few days after we booked the flight: I met a very interesting sister. You see, my lovely mother invited the sister over for lunch since she was brand-sparkling-new to my mom’s congregation. My mom introduced me to her and told me she was from Bogota, Colombia. Did I really just hear that? I smiled and immediately stood by this sister and told her, “My sister, perhaps Jehovah has sent you to us!” perhaps this was a bit creepy, but she was very attentive as I started to explain the plan to her. She told me, “I can’t make any promises to you, but I do know of someone who may be able to help you.”

It all worked out! By the time August came around, everything was all set: at work and at home. Seriously though, Jehovah truly came through for me as far as taking time off work! I was delightfully in awe. August 27th came and it was time for take off!

Picking us up from the airport were the two friends of the sister who I met at my house. It was so great! They were truly wonderful to us; I can’t stress it enough! If I could re-name them, one sister would be called “Wonderful” and the other sister would be called “Kindness”, but of course, I can’t do that; their names are lovely enough already. They picked us up from the airport with fruit and toast ready for breakfast. They drove us around and we all made our way to Bethel.

My excitement masked my exhaustion, but the four of us were so tired. I think if we had super powers, they would be the power of tiredness, because we were super tired. I still somehow managed to push that aside, but I know Tiff, Bree and BG were exhausted. We knocked out in the car at one point. It was a great day with new friends and Bethel was BEAUTIFUL!

Bethel hallway

After visiting Bethel, the sisters took us to a shopping center to get something to eat before returning us to the airport. After the meal, all I remember is that the flight to Quito kept getting delayed quite a bit. I remember I bought a can of Colombian, dark chocolate-covered banana bites. Another random memory was that there were a few outlets and everyone waiting was crowding around them to charge their phones.

This was one of the most interesting layover’s I’ve done. Were we exhausted? Was it an adventure? Was it worth it? Yes! Yes! Yes! The best part about the whole thing was and always will be Jehovah’s people. This would not have been possible had it not been thanks to Jehovah himself for bringing us all together in unity and love.

Sleep deprived. Can you tell?

Next, the first part of the trip in Ecuador.


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