Dream Journal Entries #3

I’ve had many crazy dreams this past year, but I can’t remember all of them. However, here are a few I do remember.

Pool Disaster: I was visiting my brother and he had two boys (he has two girls in real life). The younger boy was his, but the older one was adopted. My aunt went with me to his house and for some reason she couldn’t grasp the fact that one boy was adopted and one was his. “Why did they adopt another kid?” she kept asking, “No, one kid is his, they have only adopted once.”
“So why did they adopt two?”…. “They adopted one. They had one!”… “but they have two!”… this goes on for a while and I get frustrated. Meanwhile, my brother’s backyard had a pool and both kids go inside it. The pool, however, had a this huge waterfall inside! I start to get nervous because one of the boys was swimming dangerously close to the waterfall. I yell out to him, “Don’t go down that water fall!” The boy goes down the waterfall.
I dive into the pool and go after him. My brother realizes what’s happening and says “oh no, not again,” I’m swimming to this child afraid that he’ll drown despite him being on a floaty the whole time.
We then reach the part of the pool that has this hole in the middle sucking in all the water. The boy I’m trying to save is amused the whole time and lets out a loud “Weeee!” I tell him, “No! Don’t go near that hole!” I was pushing and pulling him away from it but it was all futile.
Suddenly, I realize that I could just get out of the pool and pull him out, so I do. By then, my brother was there and he was relieved. I was gasping for air trying to recover when my aunt walks up to us and asks my brother, “Why did you adopt twice?”
I face palm, but my brother answers, “I didn’t adopt this one, he’s mine mine.”
My aunt then says “Oh. Why didn’t anyone just say so?”

Getting to the Assembly: It was the morning of the Special Day Assembly. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to buy a dress and for some reason I didn’t have any clothes to wear for the assembly since I had procrastinated and forgot. I decided to just go to another assembly hall where their assembly had already ended so I could look through the pile of donated dresses. After searching for a while, I started to stress out because the assembly was about to start and I couldn’t find anything! I try to relax.
Suddenly, a group of international convention brothers and sisters from Africa came and started performing songs and dances! They were so good, that I completely stopped doing what I should’ve been doing. I get caught up singing along and dancing that I completely forget about my assembly. Hours go by and I’m still having the time of my life when it hits me… “OH NO! THE ASSEMBLY!!” Immediately, I run out, but then stop myself, “OH NO! A DRESS!” I turn around, run back in and find this random blue dress. I quickly throw it on. I look at the clock and it’s either 8:40am, or 3:00pm! I decide to go with 8:40am for optimist-sake.
I need to get to the assembly ASAP! At this point, I was determined and wasn’t going to let anything get in my way!.. Boy did I mean it.
Meanwhile, in real life, my alarm goes off at the usual 5:00am time.
I, still half-dreaming, wake up, slam the snooze button and say, “No! I’m not there yet!” and go back to sleep to continue my dream.
I arrive and burst in through the doors!… Immediately, I’m confused because my mom was there, so it seems… However,
I ACCIDENTALLY DROVE MYSELF HOME INSTEAD! My mother is confused and asks me what I’m doing home and where I got that dress.
I panic and look at the clock again. It’s 3:55pm. The assembly would be over by now, so there’s no use in going.
I woke up in real life when my alarm went off again at 5:10.

Punvasion: My mom was terrified of these suspicious people outside our house. It was still early so it was dark outside. Since my dad was still asleep, I decided to be the brave one and investigate. I opened the door and the gate and peek out. I didn’t see anything at first, until this car appeared. This strange man got out of the car and walked towards our house! I asked him “Hey! What do you want!?” But he didn’t say anything, just kept walking to our house. This freaked me out so I ran back inside, locked the gate and the door, and watched him through the window… It was crazier than I thought. The sight horrified me! The man… HE STARTS SHOOTING AT OUR HOUSE!…
…With his camera (it appears that puns have infiltrated my brain).
Literally, he was doing a full on photo shoot of our house. I was horrified! (I don’t know why I was horrified). I went back outside to see why he was doing this! He asked me if he could shoot a picture of me, but HE KNEW MY NAME. I rejected him and walked inside all angry, “The audacity of that photographer! How dare he try to shoot me and how dare he know my name!”
When I went inside, my dad was already awake and my family was having breakfast in the kitchen. My dad just nodded and said “he’s dumb”.

Super heroes. Probably one of the best dreams I’ve had. Tiff, Bree, BG and I were secret super heroes. We each had a colorful super hero suit that also disguised us from being recognized. Our super powers, however, were not all that “super”. I don’t know what power my friends had, but mine was to get inside the enemies head to where I would get them to doubt themselves and create their own demise. Essentially, I would just question everything they did until it made no sense to them and they just sort of… self-destruct. Weird, I know. I had a sidekick too! It was some woman I don’t know, but her super power was to turn into a couch… Yes, a couch. She would turn into different types of couches: old, new, soft, firm… etc.
In this particular dream, this man did not like us. He was some kind of a villain and his whole goal was to figure out our real identities and expose us. I remember showing up to this GIANT movie theater because it was a “Movie night with you Favorite Super Hero” event. Super Heroes would arrive and sit down often next to fans to watch a movie together. I remember seeing a ton of people and many heroes. At one point I recognized Spider Man sitting with some of his fans.
I found my seat next to one of my friends, and under her mask, I could see she was panicking. Why? Because I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE OFF MY JACKET. You see, in the dream, non-super hero me wore that jacket often and it would have easily given my identity away had someone recognized it. I hid the jacket only to realize I was being closely watched by that man who was trying to find out our identities. As he glared at me, he said something like “Where have I seen that jacket?” I ignored him but started to prepare mentally just in case.
I started worrying about my sidekick! I didn’t see her anywhere and she needed to be there too! I look around the whole auditorium when I suddenly spot a random couch. “Oh, there she is,” I tell myself before waking up.


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