How do you define it?



“An unusual and exciting experience.”

I am planning possibly the biggest adventure I have ever experienced yet. So far it’s been Ecuador and in Ecuador, I fell in love with the concept of backpacking. I kept seeing so many backpackers throughout and even met a few. I met some from London, Australia and most of the other backpackers were from Argentina. We got to  taste it too. We backpacked from Ballenita to Isla Puna. Then we packed up again to go to Valdivia. Heck, I got so used to doing that, that I packed up a little back pack for my trip to Canada from New York.

Here I am just 8 months later and planning another trip. This time it will be nothing but backpacking. I got the ENORMOUS honor to attend an international convention in Berlin, Germany. I figured, since I’ll be on the other side of the world already, why not take advantage of my time off work and explore! I have friends scattered through many areas anyway. So it begins.

I got home in mid October of 2018. I started to plan this trip a little less than a month later. I started saving up. I made a budget and calculated everything. My goal: $5,000 for everything for 2 months and 8 countries. Can I do it? Will I succeed? Stay tuned.


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