Childhood Fears

I think we all know the feeling. The feeling of fear that traps you and wraps you around in disgust and discomfort. These seem especially intense and dramatic when you’re a kid; yes, I am talking about my fears as a child *cough* and some *cough* still as *cough* an adult *cough* I’m sorry, excuse my cough.


Slides. Now, this one hasn’t fully gone away. Yes, I worked at Raging Waters for two summers and that place is definitely filled with tons of water slides; but, I wasn’t terrified there. You see the difference was that the slides at Raging Waters all had water. My fear ever since childhood has been going down the regular slides in the park. You see, my fear was not sliding down as it is, it was what came after. STATIC! I know now my true dislike is more with the static that comes (I HATE anything involving static or electrocution). You know, you slide down a slide, but you felt a shock as you went down. Once you land, your hairs are standing up and then get shocked by anyone you touch. IT’S AWFUL! Considering that I was once “electrocuted” as a kid (the quotations are there purposefully because it turns out I wasn’t electrocuted at all in the end… but that’s another story for another day).

Another thing I hated about slides was during the summer time, especially the metal slides, you would slide down and it was like sliding down a pan ready to cook. The worst was when you got stuck because you were wearing shorts.

Now, for the next one, be warned: this is a common fear!!









Clowns. Now this story isn’t much about my childhood fear of clowns, but more of how I got over this fear… It was semi-traumatic, but surprisingly, it worked!

It was the summer of 1998. Me, a little four-year old, clown-fearing child was at a park at a party/play date for kids! The park was huge and there was a blow up jumper, gifts from parents to kids, so much candy…etc. Well, my parents knew about my fear of clowns. Like many other kids, I would start crying at the sight of them! THEY GAVE ME NIGHTMARES!

So there I was, playing and having the time of  my life. I start walking towards the tables, I was looking down at the floor just daydreaming. I look up and notice one of my mom’s friends walking by wearing a clown nose. In my mind I go “oh, haha… There’s Hilda with.. a funny nose.. ha..ha, ha” As my head turned and my eyes followed Hilda who was walking past me, there was something that was behind her that walked directly to me. I turn my head back and what is in front of me? WHAT DO MY LITTLE, BROWN, 4-YEAR OLD EYES SEE???



I SEE A HORRIBLE FACE! I froze! This clown (not this one in particular, this one’s from the internet) was right in front of me staring right at me! I was borderline about to cry… but I couldn’t. I was too shocked.

Finally, this.. creature! This THING speaks! “Andrea”. This thing knows my name!! I feel the tears starting to come as it speaks to me, “Andrea, It’s me! It’s mami!” (“mami” Spanish equivalent of “mommy”)

Ladies and gentlemen, my mother. I gave her a look of sheer horror, “mami??” I believe I cried a bit. It was the most outrageous thing a clown has convinced me of… that it was indeed my mother who put on a clown costume. There was NO WAY that was my mother! How dare that clown try to convince me otherwise! How dare it steal her voice! Did my clown eat my mother? Is that what happened? How could I stand a chance against it?… My dad eventually showed up and he and this impostor began to reason with me… I then realized that clowns were just people that were dressed up, right?

I’m still not a fan of them.

flushing toilets

Automatic Toilet flusher toilets. I hated so much going to the movies and Disneyland to use the restroom. Toilets are loud, and usually the ones in public are louder and faster. In the moment of sitting down, taking care of my business, the toilet would flush and I always screamed and jumped up. My mother dreaded taking me because I would refuse to use it. I had to go at some point, but those toilets were possessed! What if it flushed when I wasn’t finished and accidentally takes me down too? Then my mom would wonder where I went. I didn’t want to be flushed down the toilet!

Anyway, I eventually outgrew this fear. I can’t remember how or why or even when, but I think it was instant. I just went to a public bathroom with self-flushing toilets one day and was totally fine with them.

So there you have it. I’m sure we have all had fears as kids. I also remember being afraid of my Furby toy (but I think everyone who owned one was also just as terrified of one. Those things definitely had something wrong about them. *chills*) Anyway, stay safe. Take care.

Hasta la next time!


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