Dream Journal Entries

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Our minds, when we sleep, create the most extraordinary stories. Dreams are always a pretty awesome conversation topic. Here are a couple of dreams that I have had that I remember. Some are pretty cool, others are quite wild, and some are just plain crazy. I’ll keep adding to this if I end up having more crazy ones. None of these are nightmares, but there are some that have caused some sort of suspense.

Sometime in 2016– I was hired to work at a famous hospital as a nurse’s assistant. This hospital was known for having a celebrity surgeon. I was assigned to work the night shift and was asked to carry some clean towels into one of the hallways. I was a new employee so I took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong hallway… a dark and lonely hallway. I noticed one of the rooms was dimly lit so I took a look. Inside, I saw a young girl about my age handcuffed to the bed. She was knocked out. This didn’t look right so I decided to walk in and investigate. The girl had scratches and seemed very weak. I had no record of her even being a hospital patient. Suddenly, I heard footsteps so I hid beneath the bed. The door was kicked open which woke the girl up. Immediately she began to scream and moving about trying to free herself. The famous surgeon had brought surgical tools and was preparing to operate on her while she was conscious! (I know, I know, sounds gruesome). I took action. While the surgeon looked away, I was able to help free her! I hid back under the bed and the girl ran out. The surgeon ran after her. As soon as they were both gone, I got out and headed downstairs and outside towards my car. I needed to help the girl. As I got to the parking structure, the girl was already running across the road. The surgeon soon opened the hospital door still chasing after her. All of a sudden, a lot of paparazzi showed up and crowded him trying to interview him about his next celebrity patient. He had to stop and answer their questions so as to not cause any suspicion, but he watched as the girl got away, his eyes angry. A few seconds later, it was daytime and I saw on the billboard and newspapers everywhere that the girl was accusing the surgeon for attempted murder. No one seemed to believe her, so I decided that I must help her and testify as a witness. I woke up before I could.

Sometime in Early 2017– I was working as an assistant to a very underestimated Fly scientist. He was trying to figure out why flies kept flying away so much even when you no longer chase after them. He came up with “fly goggles” that allow for us to see exactly what a particular fly sees. Well, in this fly’s eyes, you can see hundreds of copies of each thing (as we all know). When the fly flew towards him, he saw himself, however, in a crazy turn of events, when the fly flew away, he saw another woman chasing after him with a fly swap. The woman was nowhere in our room! This made headlines as this fly scientist explained to everyone that there is another world of people just like us existing invisibly to us within our same world. Soon after, the other world was notified of this too by using the flies!… I can’t remember anything else except that people everywhere were using the flies to communicate with the people in the other world. I woke up, but I suppose it would have been cool to coin the term “fly mail”.

June 8th, 2018– Persecution was starting here in the U.S. but the government was being very sneaky and under cover about it so as to not draw attention. Brothers and sisters were going missing never to be found or heard of again. The branch contacted me and a few of my friends and assigned us to congregations in another city. We got an apartment and were told to continue life as we normally would which is going to meetings and service…etc. Any suspicious activity or anything we were to notice about local authorities, we were supposed to report to the branch immediately so that they could figure out how persecution was starting and alert all of the congregations so that everyone knew what to expect. When I got home, I found that my aunt was staying with me in my new apartment. I didn’t tell her that I was undercover.

June 10th, 2017– I arrived to work in a very good mood. I walked in and greeted the office staff, one of which was Miss Piggy (yeah, the one from the Muppets), she was one of the clerks. I noticed that she didn’t like me so I figured I would address her distaste for me and to try and make peace. She admitted that she didn’t like people who acted “fake”, myself included. “I am not trying to be fake, I am just often in a good mood and I’m usually a happy person”, I explained. “Silly girl, you don’t realize it do you?” She began before telling me the most chilling words, “…happiness has been extinct for years.” I looked at her in disbelief. As if an emotion could actually go extinct! I began to look around and quickly realized that everyone who wore a smile had an opening on the side of their faces. They were all literally wearing masks! I was hit with intense grief before waking up.


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